What Happens When a Trial Ends?

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What Happens When a Trial Ends?

After you’ve done your part, researchers do theirs


When clinical trials are completed, researchers sort through all the information they’ve collected to try to understand how well a new drug or treatment may benefit patients. This will help them decide whether or not the drug is safe and effective and whether further studies are required.


Reporting results

Researchers will publish the results of the clinical trial so that other researchers can see and test the findings for themselves. This process is called peer review, and it helps the medical community come to an agreement about a particular treatment.

Once the effectiveness and safety of a new treatment has been demonstrated in clinical trials, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) closely evaluates the results and may approve it. If approved, the new therapy becomes available to the public—and may even become the new standard of care, which Is the accepted way doctors treat a particular disease.

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